About us

ForestFinest Consulting is a leading consultancy service provider for sustainable land use projects. With a highly qualified core team and a wide network of leading experts, we assist companies, impact investors, non-governmental and public organizations in the development, implementation, management and certification of forestry, agroforestry and carbon forestry projects worldwide.  As the majority of projects are developed in Latin America, all FFC consultants have comprehensive regional work experience and bring in in-depth understanding of the regional context and work environment.

The members of the department “CO2OL” are experts in carbon management solutions, providing carbon footprint calculations to numerous costumers and commercializing carbon credits in the most recognized carbon markets and platforms.

FFC is a 100% subsidiary of Naturebank Asset Management Inc, Canada. Naturebank is specialized in Impact Project Investment Services that secure commercial returns while improving livelihoods and sustainability.

Our mission is to demonstrate how impact and climate smart land use projects can be developed and successfully managed. Our consulting services include feasibility studies, management plans, capacity building, due diligence, certification and many more.

We offer you the expertise of a team specialised on afforestation, agroforestry and carbon forest projects and assist you in the successful development, implementation and management of your land use projects. Our focus is on your success!