Forestry and agriculture do not only provide timber, food and energy. Land use systems act as carbon sinks, store water, prevent land degradation and are habitats for the world's species – if they are managed sustainably and responsibly.

Only by the help of a holistic perspective and the integration of social, economic and ecological needs and values into land use approaches, we will be able to face challenges as the global climate change, a growing population and economic globalization.

We are convinced that it is possible to bring together a sustainable use of natural resources, successful investments and the enhancement of environmental services and benefits for the well-being of people worldwide.

ForestFinest Consulting assists you with the successful development, implementation and management of your individual land use project. We offer you the expertise of a highly qualified team specialised on afforestation, agroforestry and carbon forest projects. Our focus is on your success!

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Meet us at the 4th AGRI Investment fair 8th of September 2016 in Medellín, Colombia

German Rodriguez, ForestFinest expert in the development of forest and agroforestry Projects will be at your disposal, Thursday 8th of September 2016. For more information please see the press release, the trade fair Information (in Spanish) or contact us

Workshop on "Cocoa - Avoiding Contaminants" by Dr. Silke Elwers in Hamburg 7th of September 2016

Cocoa expert Silke Elwers will lead a workshop on "Cocoa - Avoiding Contaminants" at the COTECA in Hamburg, Wednesday 7th of September 2016. For more information please see the press release, the conference program COTECA Conference or contact us

ForestFinest Consulting offers advisory services for chain of custody certifications

The ForestFinest Consulting team is now supporting companies to decide between different chain of custody certificates for wood products and accompanies their certification process. Please refer for more information to our Factsheet or Press release (both in German).



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