Forestry and agriculture do not only provide timber, food and energy. Land use systems act as carbon sinks, store water, prevent land degradation and are habitats for the world's species – if they are managed sustainably and responsibly.

Only by the help of a holistic perspective and the integration of social, economic and ecological needs and values into land use approaches, we will be able to face challenges as the global climate change, a growing population and economic globalization.

We are convinced that it is possible to bring together a sustainable use of natural resources, successful investments and the enhancement of environmental services and benefits for the well-being of people worldwide.

ForestFinest Consulting assists you with the successful development, implementation and management of your individual land use project. We offer you the expertise of a highly qualified team specialised on afforestation, agroforestry and carbon forest projects. Our focus is on your success!

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Our cocoa experts at CHOCO TEC 2016

ForestFinest Consulting/CO2OL cocoa experts Silke Elwers and Ralf Rathsack will present findings from research and practical experience about the issue of cocoa cultivation at one of the most important congresses and meeting points of the international chocolate industry from 6-8 December 2016 in Cologne.

The Choco Tec offers an overview of current trends, market developments, new raw materials, innovative technologies, as well as aspects of quality control and sustainability.

Our specialists will highlight their findings at the poster exhibition that is part of the two days program. Their topic - avoiding contaminants in cocoa beans on-site and throughout the value chain - is a serious issue in the industry. Contamination can cause significant problems for chocolate production, influences edibility of the product, determines quality and trade value.

Our company has been in the cocoa business for many years, and therefore can offer experience in the cultivation of cocoa, the implementation, management and post-harvest procedures of cocoa plantations. 

General Manager Agriculture Production

On behalf of our client, we are seeking a General Manager for a large-scale, highly mechanized cocoa cultivation project in Latin America. For further information please find here the english job description and spanish job description or contact us

Seeking expert in agricultral engineering

Seeking an expert in the field of agricultural engineering for a short-term consultancy to support the technical planning and implementation of a large-scale, highly mechanized cocoa cultivation project in Latin America. For further information please find the job description here or contact us

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